Oi! Leave It!

My friend Helen got scared by the length of my blog posts and the fact that they didn’t tell readers what I had for lunch. This, you see, is what Helen equates with top blog posting. So, today’s lunch was chicken pie, veg and a potato-y thing. It was prepared by the good people in the GCap caff and served to me by Dorris, who had an evil glint in her eye as she shovelled a huge pile onto my plate. I think she’s trying to fatten me up.

Anyway, I digress. I had a bit of shock last week as I discovered that I had a ‘celebrity’ neighbour in the form of ex-Bill and ex-Eastender cast-member Billy Murray, or Johnny Allen as he’s more commonly known. It was a bit of a surprise as I was on the phone to Russ and didn’t notice Johnny was picking up his post at the mailbox in our entrance hall, as the lift arrived and we both got in, I suddenly realised who it was. “Fifth floor!” I said, as he pushed my button. As the doors then opened I gave him a friendly neighbourly nod and hopped out. My housemate Mark, didn’t really share the enthusiasm, and as a Corrie watcher it took me quite a long time to explain who this ‘celebrity’ was, rather defeating the object.

I then had another lift moment with him the other day, as it reached the ground floor the door opened and he was standing directly opposite, with one of those mobile-phone hands-free things in his ear. This did make me jump slightly and I felt like an Albert Square ner’do’well about to get their head kicked in. In fact I just said ‘Hello’, as did he, and we both went on our way.

Apparently the block where we live has suddenly become a paparazzi heaven, it even gets quite a nice write-up in The People.

7 thoughts on “Oi! Leave It!”

  1. hooray, lunch news! I’m glad that you’re eating properly Matt.

    I had a homemade ham and cheese sandwich, but most exciting of all I also had a slice of homemade maderia cake which I’d brought in as a present for my workmates.

    I was very excited that Johnny Allen lives in Matt’s building, but hope that he does not push Matt into the docks.

    And on a radio topic – you think FM radio’s bad! ha ha ha. try broadcasting in a medium that goes fuzzy in the dark, but works better in the rain, has been heard in Australia but misses our great chunks of Wales.

  2. You live in a 500k pad in London’s Docklands? Coo.

    Very much enjoying your posts but still not nearly enough pictures of kittens. You can combine kittens with radio, its not difficult, e.g. like this… Anyway loving your work, as you were.

  3. Poor DLT, he looks like he’s in his own little office out the back of his house!

    Sadly big Johnny A’s on the 9th floor penthouse whilst i’m just on the 5th floor apartment…

  4. When I used to live in a large mansion block in Balham, my celeb neighbour was Arthur Smith. As I left for work in the morning, he would regularly be arriving back home, somewhat tired and emotional, and I would help him into the lift. It was my ambition that one day, this would be the other way round.
    Arthur is clearly still continuing his good work, as the following apology on the Popbitch mailing list makes clear:
    Apologies to Arthur Smith. He was indeed sitting in Balham Grill on Sunday, wearing a chicken suit, as we reported this week, but was totally sober at the time. Arthur had just finished an outdoor swimming competition at Tooting Bec lido, and it was part of his costume. Respect!

    As for frequency allocations, I couldn’t possibly comment!
    Move along now…

  5. PS: Sorry, Helen, almost forgot:
    Ham, egg and chips, and a pint of Harvey’s Sussex Mild, at the excellent Royal Oak on Tabard Street, in London’s glamorous Borough, SE1.
    Will this do?

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