Moyles Joins MySpace

MySpace is the acclaimed social networking site that the kids just love. It’s grown very quickly and, more importantly, seems to have gained real traction with the audience, everyone’s got a profile.

Its movement from underground hit to mainstream star happened initially with its purchase by NewsCorp for a mere $580m, since then everyone’s getting a profile to connct with the kids. Latest band-wagon jumper is Radio 1 saviour Chris Moyles.

Robert Hamman and Simon Waldman pick up on some of the negatives, but what I think is interesting is the way he’s done it compared to most others. Like most things that Chris does, it seems completely spontaneous, but I would wager it’s actually been very cleverly structured. Most mainstream-media that have jumped on board are merely going for the “add-me and then I appear to your friends and look cool!” approach. What Moyles has cleverly done is actively reject people who want to be his friend.

This morning he did a few riffs stating that “i’m only adding fit birds unless you give me a good reason”. I think this is very clever as it creates active demand for listeners wanting to be a friend and if they get through it brings them closer to the show and increases loyalty.

The fact that he’s only adding “fit girls” is also quite clever. Firstly it is consistent with the Moyles brand, but secondly it targets the part of the audience he is weakest with. Contrary to popular opinion, girls do listen to the show, but the ones that don’t will probably be the toughest resisters, the hardest to make tune in to the show. By building up a large community of female listeners he’ll begin to change this perception, or at least prompt this audience to trial his show.

3 thoughts on “Moyles Joins MySpace”

  1. Interesting, and you know I agree with you that these communities are powerful and blogs are great. However I’m going to beg to differ on your last point and say that I think you’re overgenerous to Moyles. I don’t think a call out for “fit girls only” would work as a marketing tool or will tempt droves of them to try the show – reason or no reason. “High Street Honeys” didn’t tempt droves of women to buy FHM, that wasn’t the intention, I would suggest they just wanted to see some tits. Occam’s Razor etc..

  2. I’ve just joined Myspace and hate these random people who want to be my friend. I’m sorry but you have to earn the right to be my friend.

    I guess that means I half agree with Moyles about being selective about who’s your friends.

    The only reason he and a lot of other people are getting on it are because of the Artic Monkeys. They’ve made a massive name for themselves out of the site, but everyone is asking okay someone’s done that… what you got next??

    I don’t see him keeping it up and loging in everyday. It will fill a few links this week, but he doesn’t want to be anyones friend. If his “logged on” date changes it will be someone on in press or his producer. If he uses the site properly it will be under a different name!! if you want to be my radio friend ;o)

  3. I’ve resisted MySpace… until now. I’ve signed up ‘cos all my mates have left Reading and I don’t have their phone numbers. Bah. Am already getting the spam and the random people asking me to be their friend. I don’t care about your crappy band!

    On another point, am I the only one who is completely bewildered by the number of people impersonating celebrities on there?

    J. (

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