Awards ceremonies are always a bit odd. There’s people who are happy, annoyed and those who’ve just blagged their attendance and are enjoying the free booze.

Monday saw this year’s Sony Radio Academy Awards, the ‘Oscars’ of radio. The basic form is come along, get drunk, moan about how the BBC always dominate these things, drink some more and then stumble home.

Not being a nominated bod, or having really worked for a nominated station, I decided, like i’d done for the past few years, to help out Helen, who was producing the live webcast. My role is to wrangle drunk nominees/winners and drag them up to be interviewed by Kevin Greening. I think this year’s webcast was the best ever. We had a fine team with Marsha Shandur, Nick Wallis and Sam Bailey ensuring everything looked and sounded grrrreat.

It’s suprising complex to oragnise a webcast of this scale but everything worked without fault and it was enjoyable too. However, whoever said that you should never meet your heroes was right. I dragged Chris Evans up for a chat and he didn’t want to become my best friend in the three minute walk – something I was very disappointed about.

It was also nice to see some friends win. Steve and Craig at 96.3 Coast FM and Planet Rock collecting their awards was great to see. From a listener’s point of view it was also nice that Moyles got his gong, a talented guy who deserves some ‘industry’ recognition on top of his massive audience success.
Steve from Coast also made a nice gesture by declaring that ‘GCap Rocks’ in his speech, something that all of us at “beleagured GCap Media” – copyright all newspapers – enjoyed muchly. It even became our password to our free booze at tonight’s post-RAJAR drinks.

If you want to enjoy the webcast, it’s still online at – go forth and see our toil.