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YouTube can easily be dismissed as something that’s pointless vanity publishing, a site that’s caught a wave but will dot bomb at some point. However, this video is quite a unique thing.

At face value its just a girl bitching about her parents reaction to her boyfriend, but what’s interesting is what’s happened off the back it. You see, I couldn’t understand why it was one of the most viewed videos on the service. It’s only when I looked at the responses that I understood. There’s a load of videos that people have made, spoofing it, remixing it, and even senisbly responding to it.

Now, i’m not saying that it’s of particularly high quality, or even very funny, but the way consumer’s are taking to it, and getting involved with it, makes regular media feel like everything we do has been written on scrolls.

Big Media really needs to get its stuff together to provide content for these new creator/consumers.

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  1. One thing I have to say Matt, is that YooTube, for all it’s law breaking may be on to a whole number of things, some of which you have mentioned.

    For example, there are TV shows on there, and many music videos. Commercially this isn’t being exploited to my knowledge. What I’m dying for is a way I can download video clips to my PDA without having to record them myself. YouTube and bit torrents will thrive until something proactive is done!

    In the meantime enjoy this gem 🙂

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