BBC Trust Public Value Test – Vicky Pollard Media

Today I went to an Ofcom presentation where they talked about their impending Market Impact Assesment. The BBC were there too (both Executive and Trust sides) where they presented a few details about the BBC iPlayer – main thing I noted down was that they’ve stolen Odeo‘s colour for their logo.

However, there was a nice comment from Chris Woolard (the BBC Trust’s Head of Compliance and Value for Money) when talking about whether the BBC Trust would approve the new iPlayer. He said the results wouldn’t just be black and white with a Yes or a No, that they could be a bit Vicky – “yeah, but” or “no, but”. Meaning they could decide that there’s predominantly yes with some conditions, or a big no, but with a silver lining.

I’m not sure if I approve of the description or feel depressed about it…

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