Finding Chris Evans Again

I always loved Chris Evans. I remember watching the first week of the Big Breakfast and it completely changing my world. I thought it was brilliant, different, new. TV that was for me. Maybe I felt a ginger-like connection with the host? I don’t know. He remained a favourite for ages, through the outstanding Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, Radio 1, TFI and Virgin Radio. I even went to see him open Sega World in Bournemouth and challenged him to a game of Air Hockey. He didn’t have time. And then it just sort of ended.

I don’t think it was completely Air Hockey related, he was busy and being rushed through, I still have the signed photo though, and it sits, framed, on the wall in the hall. I guess a kind of memorial to those Big Breakfast days. After Virgin, our presenter/viewer relationship seemed to end and I went off to have dalliances with other presenters.

Oddly i’ve met him a couple of times since. He appeared on the Sony Radio Awards Webcast that me and Helen looked after, and I had to go and get him. It was harder to do than I thought as about a million radio fans all wanted a word and a picture with him. I guess all people like me who loved what he did. As I walked up with him I wanted to tell him about all the stuff that i’d enjoyed and how he’d been a part of me growing up. Instead I just mumbled something about “how’s the show going?” and he said “fine” and that was about it. How rubbish?

Anyway, today I had a listen to his Radio 2 show for a couple of hours and it sounded great. Relaxed, chatty, friendly, a good listen. It sounds well researched with some interesting topics and some good chemistry between him and his team – all of which have roles, no more screaming posse. There was a really nice review of the new movie – The Queen – by someone who’d worked for her at the palace. Different, entertaining and just what listneing to Chris always used to be about.

There’s also a blog (or the schlog if you read the blog and listen to the show) which makes him sound down to earth and a real person, something most presenters can’t really manageIn fact I think it’s probably the best example of an accompanying blog out there and a model for other stations/presenters.

So I guess that means i’ve found him again. We’ll have to go slowly at first, but I think it’s going to be okay.