Busy Thursday

Thusday was an odd day. Being an ex-student radio type i’ve become the person that looks after the relationship between GCap and the student radio massive. As part of this year’s support of the Student Radio Awards our stations around the country have helped out with a local training day and provided (where we could) presenters to read out the nominations.

In London, Chris Suckling, Classic FM’s Newsnight producer and XFM’s Marsha did two excellent training sessions. Then in the evening Marsha and Capital Radio’s Lucio read out the nominations.

After Marsha provided some great tips on how to schmooze, structure a show and speak (don’t talk in a poo voice), we decamped to the pub for a bit of a catch-up. One of the things that Marsha was very good at in her speech was talking about her passion for music and how brilliant it is that she can now see loads of bands and generally indulge her passion. We picked a random pub to have a beer and who was there already, but three quarters of Oasis. You see, radio is just showbiz, showbiz, showbiz.

In the evening after the talent read the noms, we stuck around for a bit drinking and chatting. It was good to speak to some people who are keen to get into radio, but it is a bit odd. At the beginning everyone leaves you alone but then gradually through the night they close in and gradually corner you. Which is a bit strange. Nice people though are relatively easy to spot because they’re the one’s who aren’t overly friendly, have some good questions and are interested in what they can do next to get on in the industry. I’ve got a lot of time for people who’ve got that drive and it makes it easier to give them a hand with contacts and stuff. Someone also remarked upon the talk that I gave in Edinburgh last year, which was really nice and makes you happy to do more stuff in the future.

Anyway, once we’d ditched the students we headed off to the Paulo Nutini after-show party at Centrepoint. We finally got there after we’d persuaded Marsha that it wasn’t actually in the snooker hall but in the bar round the corner. We didn’t spot Paulo, though we did see James (previously of Busted ) and Lemar. James looked exactly like he always does, about 12, but Lemar looked quite stocky. Lemar also has the oddest website, where the header has a video of him moving, it’s hard to explain, but it’s got the look of the pictures/newspapers in Harry Potter. Go and have a look.

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  1. It was at UCL wasn’t it? I was going to go along and catch up with the Rare FM crew, but I forgot and made plans to go out and see the History Boys instead…

    Hope they looked after you in the joyous confines of EasyJs.

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