Lottery Woe

I have been known to spend a few quid on the National Lottery. Yes, I know it’s a tax, that my chances of winning are infinitesimaly small and that it’s a waste of money. However, i’d still like to win £75m without doing much work.

Now, as a child of the internet, I am au fait with using the information super highway to make my purchase. That’s if the bloody security measures on the website weren’t tighter than Guantanamo Bay. I logged into the site, it then told me that my card had run out and prompted me to replace it, which I tried to do. It, however, wouldn’t let me do this replacement thing as I had a 30p credit on my account. Therfore changing the card was against their rules. It didn’t, of course, tell me why this was the case, but instead told me that I had to call their call centre to cancel the card before I could re-add my new one.
I then battled with the automated system which explained to me, slowly, that I would have to log-in to change my details, unless of course I had a remaining cash balance. In that case i’d have to speak to one of their operators. This I KNEW AS I WAS ONLY CALLING BECAUSE THEIR BLOODY WEBSITE TOLD ME TO. Surely it wouldn’t be difficult to give me a different number that bounced me through to the right place.

I then spoke to an operator who asked me my postcode and name, after a couple of suggestions (of postcodes – i’ve moved a bit) she could then talk to me. And ask me some more security questions including my birth place, date of birth and then for the 4th and 9th digit of my password. As my password has to be a mixture of letters and numbers (and over eight letters) it’s quite hard to work that our on the fly, but I got through it. She then asked what I liked to do. I explained that I needed to transfer the balance of my account – the 30p – back to my bank account to allow me to add a new card, that is after all, what the website had told me to do. She said this wasn’t neccessary and that she could just ‘delete’ my expired account and then I could login and add my new card. They didn’t even ask me to update my card on the phone – at least that would of given me some actual customer benefit from having to call their hotline.

Also, is there any particular reason why I couldn’t do all of this online? They just asked me stuff the National Lottery site knows and i’m already logged into the thing. Why do I have to call a poor woman who’s stuck working on a Sunday night to do this?