Yesterday I went along to a One Network gig with Jamiroquai, obviously not with, but you know, to watch. It was at the Mean Fiddler, which is a fairly small venue and he was brilliant. It was a lovely relaxed gig and sung all his hits, no doubt to promote to his greatest hits, which is available in all good record shops (and probably some poor ones too).

Singing the hits is a good thing and it meant JK subscribed to my ideal concert situation which is any artist you go and see should only sing their hits and amusing covers. Now some may argue that this detracts from observing the inner artist and indeed if i’d actually bought the album i’d recognise the songs. I say no. In this iTunes world, we don’t have time to consume eight songs per album that are probably only fillers anyway.

It’s also been interesting to see occassional reader Helen “reviewing” two pop acts – Beyonce and Girl’s Aloud.

2 thoughts on “Popstars”

  1. I agree.

    I saw a certain group perform their greatest hits – but I won’t say who for fear of being ridiculed (that probably gives it away)!

  2. It depends on act and the quality of the songs. For example, an established band might have a really good new album but if they kept playing their greatest hits then you wouldn’t discover what could actually be a future hit.

    Conversely, The Rolling Stones’ older songs are likely to be superior to their latest studio album. In that case I’m all for them playing their hits, especially if I’ve paid a lot to see them.

    However, people who go to gigs just to see big acts play their famous songs may also be the kind of people who wave lighters during slow songs and that – quite frankly – is just wrong…

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