Being in a Radio Station

Being a Corporate Type it’s quite easy to spend you time on stuff that isn’t *very* radio. However occassionally you get to do something that’s very radio and it makes it all worthwhile.

Today Ocean Colour Scene played live on Richard Bacon’s XFM show and everyone was invited down:

From: XFM
To: LeicesterSquareEveryone
Subject: Ocean Colour Scene
… are doing a session with Richard Bacon in about five minutes
Feel free to pop down to the Xfm studio for a beer and a sing along.

Which is the best type of email to receive on a Friday afternoon. It was much fun and we sung along nicely. As you can hear from the clip… Singing Along

One thought on “Being in a Radio Station”

  1. Bah. That’s not fair. Personally, that’s a better shout than Cliff Richard (live at our gaff tomorrow afternoon).

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