Big Brother and Racism

It’s very easy to knock Big Brother. Ghastly people, d-list celebrities, it’s run its course, lowest-common dominator, blah blah blah blah. I think Big Brother is one of the best programmes on television because it’s a show that prompts actual debate and discussion and it’s actually watched by the most dis-engaged group of people – the young.

The current issue’s all about racism, or suspected racism. Most of the commentators (hello politicians!) haven’t seen the show, or any footage of the issues, there’s views our wonderfully irrelevant. What’s interesting is when you watch, the issue isn’t clean cut. IHas Shilpa been singled out for racial reasons or just because they don’t like her? Or is it just general ignorance? And watching tonight’s show – I couldn’t really tell you the answer.

Anyway, I think it’s great that there’s some ambiguity as it results in a discussion about the issue. This is Big Brother doing what it does best, holding up a mirror to an element of society. I’m not suprised people are condeming the show. However it’s just mainly the people who don’t want to deal with, or talk, about an issue that’s actually worth seeing on screen.