From The Basement and Other Good Stuff

There’s so much interesting stuff happening online at the moment, it’s hard to have the time to write all about it. Keep an eye on my ‘other people’s great posts’ link on the right, I often tag stuff for that in the hope i’ll get round to writing about it. But rarely do.
Anyway thanks to Adam Buxton’s blog I heard about a new ‘TV’ show called From The Basement. Except of course it’s not a TV show, well not in the true sense of the word. The idea came from Garth Jennings, Sophie Muller and Adam discussing what would be their ideal type of music show. What they’ve created is a beautifully shot music programme (in HD) that just concentrates on the artist’s performance. No audience, no presenter, just some great artists in a room doing their thing. This gives it a brilliantly unique look and is quite striking to watch.

The other interesting thing about it, is of course, is that it’s not on regular TV, or even digital TV, it’s only available as a download. They’ve been quite clever and have made each track available as a paid download. It’s a bit like watching (and paying for) an acoustic music video, if that makes sense?

I’d love to know more about the business model. As it’s track by track i’m sure there’s a revenue share with the artist/record company, if not, it make’s it even more interesting. However, whether there’s a revenue share or not, it’s a very quality product that’s definitely cost a few quid to make.

It probably fits into a new category of it’s own – premium music. I hope it succeeds.

You can download it from iTunes and 7Digital.