Excellent More4 Pub Quiz Advert

Channel 4’s doing really well on its promotions at the moment. It’s doing a great job of deconstructing its shows and stars, creating new environments for them and then plugging a bigger concept. Over new year the vending machine ad was superb and now they’ve just created a great one for digital station More4.

In it they get to show they’re and intelligent channel by bringing together some of the station’s ‘stars’ into the ultimate pub quiz team. It’s got a funny twist and does a perfect job of giving the channel a friendly, down-to-earth feel. See it below.

One thought on “Excellent More4 Pub Quiz Advert”

  1. I know this might sound daft,but is the “quiz master” Chubby Brown? I know Chubby has long hair,but the voice is a dead ringer.

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