Radio 1 – BBC Trust

According to the BBC Trust, the remit of Radio 1 is to:

“…entertain and engage a broad range of young listeners with a distinctive mix of contemporary music and speech. It should reflect the lives and interests of 15-29 year olds but also embrace others who share similar tastes.

It should offer the best new music, support emerging artists – especially those from the UK – and provide a platform for live music. News, documentaries and advice campaigns should cover areas of relevance to young adults.

It should seek to support and increase the appreciation of live music through its emphasis on live performance.


All you need is Smiley Miley and we’re back to 1989!

I’ve been a little harsh on the BBC in the past few posts. In the interest of fairness i’ll have a commercial radio bash next.

2 thoughts on “Radio 1 – BBC Trust”

  1. Here’s some starter points (admittedly wildly over-generalised):

    * adverts are annoying, interruptive and repetitive.
    * DJs are mostly annoying, don’t care about the music (‘that was, this is’), and chat inane shit.
    * local traffic reports all the fucking time.
    * music comes from a restrictive playlist which is designed to give a predictable mix for anyone tuning in for an hour, but will drive anyone insane who listens all day long.
    * crrraaazzzy competitions where the dj tries desperately to get the contestant to scream when they’ve won
    * did I mention the ads?


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