This is going to be an occassional series here at – “Things I No Longer Care About”.

1. Premium-rate ‘scandals’

There has been some shocking revelations recently that apparently sometimes TV stations make-up winners and occassionally make questions to premium-rate games a bit hard to encourage more people to repeat play.

Now there’s the shocking news in today’s MediaGuardian that apparently some text votes to Dancing on Ice didn’t get through. Well hold the bloody presses, we’ve got a scoop on our hands here, yes sireee bob. Vodafone had what’s known in shady media circles as ‘a problem’ which meant 13,000 text votes (out of 85,000 from the network and 1.5m votes cast) didn’t get through to ITV. This drastically affected the winning te… Oh, hang on a minute, it didn’t. The same team would have won anyway.

In other words the MediaGuardian are running a story that a technical error made no difference to anything. Arrrggggghhhhhhh.