7.5 out of ten then for my guess about 4Radio’s digital line-up. The one’s I got right were Sunrise, Original, talkRadio, Female Virgin Radio, Closer, C4 Younger, C4 Older and a half for Gaydar taking part in their podcast thing. Oh, I guessed that too.

The ones I didn’t get were Sky News Radio – a service that makes sense. Radio Disney – i’m suprised that they went for a full station and Pure 4, which I guess is sort of More4 radio (but a bit distinct from a populist Radio 4). Huh. Too many fours.

Interesting to see National Grid’s line-up, it’s much better than I thought and they’ve even stolen some of my old London 3 tricks. Oi, Jason!

I’m going to do a full-review later on, after i’ve left GCap, which will give me a chance to read all the docs properly and make a balanced view.

(Declared interest: the station I co-created, Fun Radio, is part of NGW’s line-up. I didn’t have anything to do with that, though, and wasn’t privvy to any stuff on their bid until today).

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