Blogging for a Reason

It’s very difficult for companies to blog. Or, it’s difficult for them to get the right tone. Sometimes it’s just difficult for them to understand why they’re blogging in the first place. Have they got anything to say? Will anyone actually visit them in the first place? Why would they?

It’s good when you have a reason to start and that reason is of interest to someone. Original 106 in Bristol has that reason – they’re starting a new radio station and they need people to know about it so they’ll tune in. Launching a new radio station is difficult. Most people already listen to something else, and probably quite like it. With a new launch you have to make people aware of it, teach them the kind of stuff you do and then hope that they tune in and sample you. When they do tune in you’ve then got to try and keep them, turning them into a regular listener. It’s all quite hard work.

As a new station start-up you have to use all the tools at your disposal. Creating talkability is something that’s always worthwhile. And it’s something that you can do relatively cheaply. Original have done it by sending out a gorgeous street team to spend a little money getting people talking to each other. It’s a nice idea, the’ve been randomly paying for things – shopping, round of beer etc. And i’m sure it’ll help increase their awareness.

But that’s just one example, with launches you need to use everything in your armoury and sensibly Original seem to be doing that. And online they’ve done a pre-launch blog.

No doubt some of their other activity will get people searching them out online and visiting their site. What better way to try and cement a further relationship by showing these listeners that you’re normal, down-to-earth and excited. A typical radio station showing pictures of the jocks just doesn’t really do that, but a group-blog certainly does. Naturally they’ve got a lot to talk about and the’re all excited about it. Doing it in the form of a group blog is a great way to introduce potential listeners to the whole team, show you’re nice people and teach them about the radio station.

You can visit their blog at