Another Reason Why Resonance is Great…

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“An artist is launching a protest against the Royal Family – by eating a corgi. Mark McGowan, 37, will eat one of the Queen’s favourite breed of dog on a live radio show…in protest at the Royals’ treatment of animals…The corgi, which died at a breeding farm last week, will be served up on London’s 104.4 Resonance FM on May 29.”

Now there’s a radio stunt.

RAJAR Figures

By now all PCs will have their stock phrases ready to go to explain away a good book or a bad book. Some interesting changes across the board, especially in London.

The measure everyone looks at is share – that’s the percentage of total hours your station has when compared to the rest of the market. In London the chart of stations ranked by share is:

1. Radio 4, up 11% to 34,468 – 16.1% (14.4% last quarter)
2. Radio 2, up 7% to 24,136 – 11.2% (10.4%)
3. Radio 1, up 39% to 14,413 – 6.7% (4.8%)
4. Magic 105.4, up 6% to 12,654 – 6% (5.9%)
5. Heart 106.2, down 25% to 11,591 – 5.4% (7.1%)
6. Classic FM, up 19% to 10,564 – 4.9% (4.1%)
7. Capital 95.8, down 2% to 9,919 – 4.6% (4.7%)
8. BBC Five Live, down 16% to 9,178 – 4.3% (5.0%)
9. Kiss 100, no change 8,416 – 3.9% (3.9%)
10. LBC, down 8% to 6,491 – 3.0% (3.3%)
11. talkSPORT, up 10% to 5,883 – 2.7% (2.5%)
12. Virgin Radio, down 21% to 4,788 – 2.2% (2.8%)
13. XFM, up 44% to 3,946 – 1.8% (1.3%)

It’s easy to say that it’s bad news for Capital, but their success has been in reach building, up 11% to 1,623 (from 1,463) which puts them a whisker behind Heart at 1,698 (down 8%) and not that far from Magic at 1,806 (up 1%). If they can get those new listeners tuning in a little longer, their next book should be great.

Winning FM Licences

XFMOne of the things I did at GCap was bid for new FM licences. It’s a very annoying job as you spend lots of time (and money) putting forward a case to why you should win. At the same time ten to twenty other people do the same thing. What’s slightly aggravating is that everyone’s quite good at doing it and you could see many of those stations working as real live radio stations.

Well, i’ve been doing it for around six years and haven’t won a sausage. That was until this afternoon!

Finally, finally, finally, i’ve won a bloody FM licence and the lovely people of South Wales will be getting a fully formed XFM of their very own next year.

These things are obviously a group effort and lots of people work very hard on them. It was, however, mainly due to me….. 😉 I’m off for a beer.