New Schedule at 1xtra

Interesting to see a schedule re-shuffle for 1xtra. In comes a new breakfast show presented by Trevor Nelson and a new hip-hop show from Tim Westwood.

The changes bare the hallmark of 1xtra’s (relatively) new Head of Programmes, Lorna Clarke. She has huge UK radio heritage having driven Kiss 100 in its early days and played a key role in making Radio 1 cool in the late 90s. I think the changes are clever and designed to provide a significant bump to 1xtra’s audience figures. Trevor’s a big name, popular and can present a great mainstream programme. He’s the kind of breakfast show that lots of people will re-tune and commit too, something that’s sure to help grow the station’s average hours.

Tim Westwood, even though he’s about 75, is still the UK’s biggest hip-hop radio star. His show has a strong following on Radio 1 and his move across to 1xtra will bring a load of new listeners many who’ll be sampling the station for the first time, in other words he’s a great reach builder.

I’ve always thought that 1xtra’s had the chance to be a real star. It’s in a genre with little competition sitting in the ‘credible’ end of black music, a genre with huge mainstream youth following. These changes are, i’m sure, the first of a concerted effort to re-position the station and push it forward further, at a faster pace.

2 thoughts on “New Schedule at 1xtra”

  1. I’m interested to hear that you do like 1Xtra but don’t like 6Music. Aren’t they just as niche as each other (one is middle class and white, the other is working class (maybe) and black)? Do you think 1X serves a need that 6M doesn’t maybe? Or maybe it just has better style of delivery than 6. Would be interested in your comparison. Cynically, I’m wondering if your dislike of 6Music grew out of its directly competing with stations that you used to represent (Xfm, PlanetRock), whereas 1X doesn’t (Kiss, Choice).

  2. Oh. Choice is run by GCap. Ignore that cynicism then. But I am curious, beyond personal taste for the music and presentation, what you think of the comparison. S x

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