Google or the BBC need not worry. The traffic here at is steady, but not likely to trouble my hosting provider. I’m always surprised when people say the read the blog, or quote something from it, especially as they usually mention the stuff that I wrote quickly without really thinking.

There are, in fact, a number of ways that people read the blog, the most common isn’t actually people visiting the website at all. More people read the content through a feed reader than any other method. If you don’t know a feed reader is a piece of software that collects together the content from all of your blogs in one place so you don’t have to visit all the different websites on the off-chance that someone’s decided to write anything. A feed reader just shows you new posts, which means you can get through hundreds of blogs really quickly. Feed reading people will however have missed out on the exicting site redesign with its dashed boxes and a reddy-orange hue. If you want to subscribe to the feed, then it’s here. You can tell if a site has a feed because there’s usually a link somewhere for Feed, Atom, RSS or you can see an orange broadcasty icon type-thing in your browser’s address bar.

I was also suprised the other day when I was looking at the stats for posts on my work-ish blog, Authentic Buzz. It turns out that quite a lot of people have registered to get new posts emailed to them. I popped that box in without really thinking really and blow me, it turns out people actually use it. As such, i’ve now popped an email subscription box here too (it’s on the right hand side). It will email you in the morning if there’s been a new post.

As if having two blogs I rarely update isn’t enough, Media Week has just signed me up to write a blog for their Brand Republic portal. It’ll cover media control. Probably. You can find it here.

And hey, if that just isn’t enough and you want more Matt i’ve ripped off James’ idea and created a Stalker Feed. This will being together all my blog posts, Facebook status updates, pictures, videos, and links I like into one place. More info on the stalker feed section.

Right, maybe now I should write something worthy of people actually reading.

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  1. Hey Matey, thought id try and subscribe to this blog but it dont seem to work. loving the sites, ive put a link from my blog to it. man youre such a geek, but i love it. We should invite a geek status and have a comp to see whoes the biggest geek… Ash

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