New BBC Radio Logos

New BBC Radio Logos

I think Radio 2 and Five Live (5 Live?) lucked out in the logo department here, harking back to the 70s and 80s respectively. I quite like the BBC7 (BBC Radio 7?) smile, though as Media Guardian points out, it does look a bit like a knee. The Asian Network gets a nice refresh and will help its positioning as a more contemporary network.

Very little changes for Radio 1 and 1Xtra as they just get a slopey bit on the top of the 1. Perhaps someone will be sent out with tipex to fix the branding, rather than order some new expensive stuff…

3 thoughts on “New BBC Radio Logos”

  1. I always think the BBC7 “smile” looks like one of those bendy straws you get in those really thick milkshakes that give you an ice-cream headache from sucking so hard to get them through the straw. What that says about the radio station I don’t know 😉

  2. I like the Asian Network logo.

    Give it a year or so, and I suspect we’ll see one or two stations “breaking out” of the uniformed look.

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