Edinburgh Festival Guide

I haven’t really had a chance to write-up our quick visit to the Edinburgh Festival, though there’s a couple of our video reviews on YouTube.

The top things we saw were probably Simon Amstell, Lee and Herring (separately), Book Club and Kirsten O’Brien. The best thing about Edinburgh is the rushing about, seeing things that sound good but are actually a bit rubbish (yes, All Daily Mail Writers Should Die, i’m looking at you) and having a bit of a laugh whilst doing it.

If you haven’t been before I’d definitely recommend it. You will spend a fortune, as show’s are usually around £10, and really it’s bad form if you don’t manage at least three a day (we were averaging about five). What is surprising is how quickly you can see the themes that are running through entertainment and comedy and are likely to be prevalent for the next six months to a year.

Booking your key shows in advance is recently important. You should leave spaces though as just being on the ground you’ll pick up buzz about other people to see. As soon as you think you might want to see someone book it on the phone, online, or in the morning at a venue – things sell out fast – so be quick! Don’t dawdle – you’ll regret it later.