Barcelona for NAB

Radio Barcelona

Me and Greg, and a big chunk of the radio industry have all disappeared off to Barceona for the NAB Europe conference.

We arrived here a few days early for some meetings and a bit of sightseeing. I’ve never been to Barcelona before, but it’s a great City and best of all, it’s still warm!

We met up with Josep Torra who’s one of the partners in Barcelona Virtual. They’re an internet marketing company but are doing some interesting things for the clients in Second Life. This week they hosted a virtual party for Spanish fans of Heroes to promote the launch of the Season 1 DVD. Josep showed us around the island they had created and played us some of the videos from the party itself. What was interesting is that the company had created an island that could easily be re-dressed for different events – something not disimilar from the real world.

Radio Barcelona

We also popped into Radio Barcelona, who, a bit like GCap in London, operate a number of radio stations from one building. The above picture shows the control room, around which are all the studios for the different services. It was quite nice to see all the stations broadcasting feet from each other.