My New Favourite Blog

I’m loving the fact that the President of Iran, the easily-roll-off-the-tongue-able Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has got his own blog. He’s followed a similar technique to me with his URL: I guess, he probably doesn’t have too much trouble getting the domain he wants from the Iranian network registrar…

What’s brilliant about his blog is that he’s just like any other blogger. In a recent post he’s apologising about not posting and coming up with an excuse why this is, unfortunately he went with the old standby of “too busy reading the comments”. Well, as a seasoned blogger, I can tell you Mo, that you better come up with some more reasons as work will often get in the way of new posts. I mean, I don’t have a busy nuclear programme, work towards wiping Israel off the map or ration petrol. With all that to do he probably barely has time to look up his referrers on Google Analytics.

Luckily though, his comment reviewing has come to an end, so…

I am apologetic to those who have been waiting for my new posts, but ‎fortunately overall, the analysis of the messages has got to a point that I can start ‎writing here again. ‎

Which means more hot Ahmadinejad action soon.

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  1. Not enough pictures of humourous cats in predicaments. However given the surreality of the thing even existing, and his enthusuastic grasp of the medium, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one appeared.

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