Facebook Launches Friend Lists

Facebook today have launched a feature where you can group together friends into separate lists. Potentially I think this is a great innovation and allows me to have greater control of my growing collection of friends.

So the first thing I did was create ‘2nd Division’ – they’re people who are ‘friends’ in that i’ve met them, and they meet my ‘happy to have a beer criterior’ however I don’t know them that well so their links/status updates are a bit of pollution in my newsfeed. Unfortunately I can’t do anything with this list other than specifically receive information from them! There’s no way to add these to a block or change specific settings for them – which is a shame.

I also created a list for Insanity Alumni, people who were involved with my student radio station, as I wanted to message them about an upcoming reunion. Unfortunately the ‘you can only message 20 people at a time’ rule stills exist, so the 45 on the Insanity list invalidates me from sending out a note to them!

Therefore i’ve yet to find a use for the list feature yet!