A Challenge

My friend Martin dropped me an email this week:

I wouldn’t normally e-mail where you might not know the person concerned, but this case is different I think. Please read on in case you feel inspired.

A friend of mine from my old firm in Manchester, Anthony Taylor, has recently started a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean… Yes, that’s right. That’s an estimated 70-100 days at sea, alone, save for the company of his little yellow boat and several hundred packets of boil in the bag food in the hull.

He’s invested a massive amount in making the trip possible and has received sponsorship to help him out, but is also raising money for Christies, the cancer hospital in Manchester, which treated Anthony’s dad for a brain tumour a few years ago.

I urge you to have a look at his website, where you can chart his progress so far in the diary section. It sounds beautiful and terrifying in equal measure so far and is clearly an immense challenge. Here’s the link: www.soloatlantic.co.uk.

The blog is quite something (he set off on 12th Jan if you’re looking), it makes my petty rants seem positively childish. You can also donate money to Anthony’s charity here: http://www.justgiving.com/soloatlantic.