DAB Digital Radio Christmas Sales

Image from: salimfadhley

Even before such things as WiFi and DAB appeared, Christmas has always been the time of the year that the largest numbers of radios are sold. I have no real idea why. Whilst i’m sure some are bought for Christmas, they can’t all be, can they? Maybe it’s the present people like to buy themselves. Anyway, Christmas is important for those of us in the DAB business as we can see how many new radios are finding their way into people’s homes.

Well, the DRDB have just released the figures and it turns out in December alone 550,000 DAB Digital Radios were sold (that’s 22% up on last year). This puts cumulative UK sales at 6.45m. Hurrah.

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  1. The fact that DAB car radios are either too expensive or non-existant has prevented DAB from dominating the industry.
    My in-car DVD is a radio, strapped to the passenger seat, areal extended to the back of my head, plugged into a mains converter which is plugged into the lighter socket!

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