Johnny and Denise – Good Show, Poor Site.

Jonny and Denise

I’ve just been sent an email from Denise Van Outen, oh she’s always emailing me. However, even though it’s from Denise it says her name is ‘Capital VIP’ in the email header. Anyway, otherwise she seems very proficient at emails as she’s got a picture of herself, she’s put the Capital logo on it and has included lots of mini adverts for other things going on the radio station! Go Denise2.0!

With all this web know-how it’s surpirsing that the section on the Capital website about the new Johnny and Denise Breakfast Show is a bit disappointing. You see, Denise joining Johnny on Breakfast is a big deal for Capital, they’ve spent a lot of money on her, posters around town and on some shiny new jingles for the show too. Since she started on Monday I don’t think i’ve heard a bad word to say about the show, everyone seems to be really enjoying it. Why then, is its web presence so poor?

On the site you get 12 links:
1. Bog standard biogs of the presenters (the amazingly dull, never-updated staple of seemingly every radio station website) (static)
2. Feature – call for responses – Blame Gareth (static)
3. Feature – call for responses – The Uprising (static)
4. Feature – call for responses – Your Brits predictions (static)
5. Podcast – Best of the Breakfast Show
6. Podcast – Welshy’s Windups (hasn’t been recently updated/feed doesn’t work)
7. Join Capital on Facebook link (static)
8. Breakfast Gallery – good, up to date, pictures from the show you’ve just heard (though little text explaining if you missed it)
9. The Photoshoot – good video (though first half annoying) when Johnny and Densie had their pics taken – but no interview or commentary, so it’s a bit odd (static)
10. A YouTube embed when Denise and Johnny were on the Big Breakfast (static)
11. Listen again link to the first show
12. Johnny’s interviews – good archive to the show’s best interviews (though could probably do with a re-brand to Johnny and Denise’s Interviews.

At first glance that’s quite a lot of content. Except most of its static pages that won’t be updated. Video content from the photoshoot and youtube emebed are great to have, it’s a shame there isn’t a structure that can encourage and contextualise this much more. Highlighting a site function (listen again) with a sign-post to relevant content (the first show) is good, as is having a few snaps from the day and audio from the interviews.

However, all of this doesn’t bring across to web visitors the main ‘sell’ of the new show – ie Johnny and Denise. Other than the Q&A’s there isn’t really anything that brings across their personality to the web. Denise joining the show is a big thing, but there’s nothing about how it went from her point of view – key things that wouldn’t necessarily work on the radio, but would be really good for P1s to hear about on the website. A decent blog would help contextualise the daily pictures and audio interviews and give a real sense of behind the scenes to the show. Pre-launch some of the pages allowed listeners to comment and these were all very positive, a pre-moderated list of good luck messages, hints for Denise, things she should know etc would be a really great way to bring in listener invovlement to the website and re-affirm the “isn’t it great Denise and Johnny are back together” message.

I’ve said positive things about the direction the Capital website’s been going in, in the past. I just think it’s a shame that they’ve missed the biggest opportunity for great online content from a show in which the recent investment has probably topped half a million quid.

4 thoughts on “Johnny and Denise – Good Show, Poor Site.”

  1. Hmmm, in the site’s defence, old Capital breakfast co-host Lou Pepper posted a daily blog with images, videos etc. And compared to other radio breakfast show websites, the content here is regularly refreshed with, at times, some genuinely amusing features! What do Moyles and O’Connells site pages really offer? Denise & Johnny’s new show is only four days old, give it… and it’s accompanying site, a little time!

  2. ….we know matt, we know! the new sites on it’s way – and it’ll be anything but static! – good comments though – thanks for the input as always.

    In the mean time check out “” from an ipod touch … hope you like it…


  3. Jude/Robin – thanks for your gracious responses. I don’t try and be anorak-style mean because there’s defintely good stuff there too. I also know your restricted by using a god-awful content management system and staff resources etc.

    Andy – Well, on Moyles’s site you get daily a running order (handy for finding a bit on listen again) and a blog with loads of self-shot video and extra content from every guest reviewing the team (excellent P1 material). I think video is going to be more and more important, R1 does a great job with most of the ‘I wish i’d seen that’ moments from the radio show captured on camera. R1 does of course have a few people in online to help them achieve these aims.

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