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I post things like the post below because they’re good ideas that other people can reinvent and use for their own brands. Radio, as an industry, has had a bit of a kick in recently partly due to the “radio recession” (more on that later) and partly because it rarely shouts about the good things it’s doing.

I think what’s important to recognise is that it doesn’t have to be all new ideas, there are some classic things that will continue to do the same job they’ve always done. Radio stations can be very easy to be substituted as there are few barriers to switching. It’s just a press of a button (or preset). Keeping front of mind is therefore very important as you need to be in the game, with people sampling you, so that you can try and convert them to listening longer and spending more time with you. This is partly why the old stand by of ‘car stickers’ does a certain job – it reminds you a station is around and lots of people like it so much they’ve stuck a sticker in their car.

Encouraging sampling is also important if you’ve changed what you’ve done and want people to have a listen. At Capital, for example, the addition of Denise to the breakfast show was a great reason for people to have another listen to see if they might like the show. Indeed, selling a new version of yourself is something that GCap’s One Network has embarked upon with its recent ‘revitalisation’ programme. A more modern logo, on air branding, new network shows and new websites have been an attempt to modernise the feel of the stations and re-engage with some of their lost audiences.

It was therefore good to see Trent FM’s new partnership with the Nottingham Arena which takes the ‘front of mind’ idea forward to the next stage. Now, sponsoring an arena isn’t anything new (hello Metro Radio Arena), but it’s a good way to build on your music proposition, remind non-listeners you exist and also get some free PR as people start to call the “Trent FM Arena”. No doubt other media will resist a bit to start with, but you’ll get there eventually.

The other thing that the Arena partnership does for Trent at this time, is that it’s a great way to demonstrate its newer, funkier image. I was quite surprised when I saw the level of branding Trent has across the Arena, see it here.

What other marketing have you seen recently that’s stood out for you?

p.s. Oh – and is this the classiest April Fool and great marketing to boot?

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  1. Totally agree, think it’s great what this local radio station have done. The branding looks impressive and clearly positions them as the leading staion to listen to in the area. Good job!

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