Not Backing Boris

I’m not a big fan of Boris Johnson and would rather he wasn’t Mayor of London. Indeed, I don’t really think he’s good enough to be Mayor of Trumpton. He’s recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, following Brian Paddick’s lead no doubt, amusingly he’s only got ten followers. However, even with only ten followers could he at least spell Croydon right? He is, after all, trying to be the Mayor of London.

3 thoughts on “Not Backing Boris”

  1. Eugh, it’s so disingenuous as well. “My blood is boiling after visiting a shop which is hit by crime almost every day. We need to fight back.” Oh fuck off.

    And how about this one – “How dare ken say crime has gone down in all areas. He is out of touch. ”

    I would love for someone who reads this blog to ask Boris about his Twitter feed in a public forum sometime … I bet he’ll say, “what’s twitter?”

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