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Chris Moyles has brought back his previously long-running quiz show, Car Park Catchphrase, to his Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning. It’s been off-air whilst the BBC has reviewed its competitions after all that premium rate/pre-recorded show palaver.

As part of that review, the BBC are insisting there’s specific terms and conditions for contests. Something Moyles has done here. I actually think it’s a good idea for all stations to have something like this as I think actually explaining what will happen is good for station-listener relationships. Indeed, two of the lines in the Moyles T&Cs are:

5. Each contestant will then be asked 3 questions to test their knowledge of the Chris Moyles show and may be asked about their interests and hobbies. Contestants will be selected on how many questions they answer correctly and how lively and interesting they will sound on air. Less than two correct answers will mean a contestant is ineligible to take part in the on air competition. If you are chosen to take part, but you are unable to appear, you may have to forfeit your place. One contestant will be chosen to take part in each edition of the quiz. On Monday 14 April 2008 two contestants will be chosen to begin the quiz, using the same entry method as described.

(my emphasis)


7. Given the nature of the quiz, which is solely for entertainment purposes, and the style of the presenter, contestants should be aware that Chris Moyles might influence the outcome by helping one or other of the contestants.

I think explaining this sort of thing is positive and something stations shouldn’t shy away from.

2 thoughts on “Radio 1 Terms and Conditions”

  1. Those terms would breach the Ofcom Code if on commercial radio and playing for ANY form of prize.

    If the entry was via Premium Rate (inc 25p SMS) that would be in breach of Icstis/Payphone+ codes; and make the stations a party to criminal fraud.

    How many commercial stations do we all know that have picked a winner to fit the brand or delay the outcome…

  2. Moyles’s contest is free to enter, so there shouldn’t be ICSTIS issues. Indeed, if Carpark Catchphrase was run, as is, on a commercial station, I think you’d be pushing it to charge people even if your T&Cs tells them that “we may rip you off”.

    And on your final point, I think lots of radio stations (both BBC and Commercial) are pleased that no one is revisiting what they got away with.

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