Digital Radio Listening Update

No big changes on the digital front, across any of the platforms, but some good consolidation of figures post-Christmas and it’s also pleasing that Q1 wasn’t a too positive blip!

According to RAJAR: “Radio listening via a digital platform has also remained steady over the past quarter but has increased year on year. Data collected for Q2, 2008 reveals that 17.9% of all radio listening is now via a digital platform (cf. 12.8% in Q2, 2007), of which

* 11% is via DAB Digital Radio (7% in Q2/07 – 10.8% in Q1/08)
* 3.3% is via DTV (2.6% in Q2/07 and 3.2% in Q1/08)
* 2.0% is via the Internet (1.5% in Q2/07 and 2.1% in Q1/08)”