Number 10 Relaunches Website

The digital communications team at Downing Street (led by ex-LBC MD Mark Flanagan) have just relaunched the Number 10 website – probably the most public facing of Government websites. It looks like it’s the culmination of a number of online initiatives that the team have been working on over the last few months.

Earlier in the year we started to see Number 10’s twitter feed, pictures on Flickr and a revitalised YouTube channel. The new site carefully combines this dynamic information, the bread and butter background to previous PMs and such, alongside a blog like news feed. Indeed, the site is managed using blog software – WordPress (the same system I use to publish the blog).

Often some of the clients I talk to worry about using third party sites (like YouTube) to be part of their web infrastructure. As well as the reliability of these services there are also concerns that it’ll reduce the valuable number of page impressions their sites get. My stock response is that people return to websites that send them away. Indeed the extreme example is Google – I return because they send me to the best places for me – not just for them.

Using Flickr and YouTube also exposes your brand and your web content to people who would not normally find it, or you. For example they’ll probably come across your pictures because of the content, rather than who has made it, but then they might want to find out more about you, the people who did produce it.

Using WordPress and following blog-like design theory gives the Downing Street site the momentum that many sites lack. Now, i’m sure that the actual amount of ‘new’ content hasn’t changed much, but the emphasis has greatly and this makes the site, and the site’s owner, seem much more dynamic.

If your radio station was to change its focus, like Downing Street has changed its, how would your site and your station be perceived by your listeners?

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