TV Adverts for Radio Stations

The One Golden Square blog has just put up some of the old Virgin Radio adverts, all of which are bit, er, fail.

It’s hard to find many decent commercials for radio stations, but after an email from Sam this morning about the new Radio 1 line-up I was trying to find the advert for Dave Pearce’s Dance Anthems that’s a some ‘youths’ in a car. I couldn’t find it, so please leave a link in the comments if you can!

What I did find was a collection of the ‘As It Is’ commercials from Radio 1’s Bannister-era re-launch. These are great!

3 thoughts on “TV Adverts for Radio Stations”

  1. Matt – I can’t believe that you don’t love the dog ad!

    I’ve got a few more kicking around which I’ll certainly put on Youtube even if they don’t end up on the blog.

    I loved that Prisoner ad for LBC – I remember it going out – certainly prior to ’88 as I’d gone to university in Bath by then.

    I’d also like to see some of the shouty old Tarrant Capital ads.

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