Absolute Rock Off

A nice, neat idea from Absolute Radio and their digital agency i-Level. They’re going to be giving an hour of radio over to the inhabitants of a fan forum.

Each forum group have to agree on the playlist for the hour-long show and it should combine music from their favourite artist as well as other tunes too.

Tapping into really passionate places is quite difficult. If a marketeer enters and tries to engage they usually sound incredibly unauthentic, but contacting the mods direct to tell them about the promotion (and manage it) is a good way to tackle the problem.

For the radio station its a great awareness driver – as it says to the fans two things. The first is ‘we care about you’ and the second is ‘we play the type of music you love’. And all for an hour on the radio just before Christmas – a cheap swap for Absolute!

One thought on “Absolute Rock Off”

  1. Yes, absolutely agreed. A great campaign idea, managing to engage typically closed and cynical communities.

    I’ve seen lots of people tread almost too carefully when it comes to forum marketing. The thing I always like to bear in mind is that if a brand/marketeer does something that annoys the community, it’ll be forgotten by 99.9% of the users by the time they next log on! Threads and discussions move on so quickly that Absolute have done really well to create a campaign that will quite likely become a sticky thread on many of these artist forums.

    I also loved the campaign they did to get users to submit buried Virgin logos on the website.

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