Commenting on Facebook Ads

Endorsements from your friends is a great way to increase the cut-through of advertising. It’s something Facebook lets you do and something that gives them a good unique selling point. One of the nicest ways it does it is by allowing you to associate friend activity with adverts. So, if I was promoting a radio station with Facebook ads I could connect it to members of that radio station’s fan page or group. That would mean when someone (who’s friend was in that group) saw the ad, they’d see a little pic of them above it and a note about their connection. This is a great way to draw the eye to the commercial messasge, and something we’ve successfully done for Folder clients.

However, the new Facebook ad unit on the middle right of the page has gone one step further and allowed comments, and it just shows you ones from your friends. Now, as the example below shows, that friend recommendation can work in reverse too….

Also as the ad unit is in such a good position, i’m sure we’ll start seeing people use the comments as high impact message boards for their mates!