Apologies to Clive and the team, but the One Golden Square blog has become a bit dull recently. I think it had fallen into the trap of becoming just PR written in an authentic voice. You can see from the declining number of comments that there hasn’t really anything for people to get their teeth into.

However, today an excellent post has appeared from the Head of Music, James Curran, defending the appearance of Broken Strings by James Morrison, on the playlist. These are normally the sorts of things that stations hide – things that are unpopular with a small number of listeners and partly anti-brand, but at the same time are popular with a large number of listeners and actually the ‘right thing to do’.

I think it’s really good for a radio station to grapple with this in public, if not just to explain why stations do seemingly counter-intuitive things. It’s likely to make listeners a little more accepting and understanding when they tune into the station and will probably stop (a few of them) from switching in the future.

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  1. I thought you were set to announce some exciting personal news with that heading. Very disappointing.

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