Bof! Digital Radio in France

Uncharacteristically (!), France has been somewhat late to the digital radio party, but now that they’re in, they’re really going for it.

News today from WorldDMB that the French Government are mandating that all radios must be digital ones:

The law sets out a three step programme to integrate digital radio into all radio receivers:
– 1st September 2010 – radio receiver which can display multimedia content will have digital
radio reception enabled with the exception of in-car terminals
– 1st September 2012 – all new terminals will be dedicated to the reception of digital radio and
multimedia with the exception of in-car terminals
– 1st September 2013 – all radio receivers will be digital

It’s quite a rapid roll-out and something that will ceratinly help generate a more speedy appearance of digital radios in UK cars too.

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