Strength Through Collaboration

Great news from the Absolute Radio guys this morning, with the announcement that Absolute is going to sell Planet Rock’s airtime. This is definitely going to be the first of many similar deals.

It’s a great combination. Absolute have a sales team that understands ‘digital’ in its widest form and Planet Rock is a solid radio station, with a good and growing audience.

The biggest waste of money for digital-only stations are any costs that arise from them being a stand alone operation. For these stations to grow the only sensible thing to spend money on is distribution, programming and marketing. Anything else just gets in the way.

For Planet Rock to have a big brother to do the airtime sales and to look after S&P themselves is eminently sensible. Airtime is hard for little guys to sell, but easy for big guys to manage. The station itself knows the brand best so having them looking after sponsorship, promotions and branded-content is a nice combination – and one that’s been done successfully by many other stations in the past.

In the coming weeks it would be great to hear the deal go further and have Planet Rock to move into Golden Square too.