Does your studio sell your brand?


I was looking at WOXY’s website today, it’s a radio station that describes itself as ‘independent and truly alternative’ and ‘the future of rock and roll’. It has a neat website that reflects its programming. The thing that I really liked, though, was the photo of it’s studio, which you can see above.

The CD racks (whether used or not) really sells the idea that they’re a broad radio station and really into their music. As well as in the promo shots it’s also on the webcam too and it made me think about the generic corporate cloned studios that every UK radio station seems to have.

Radio stations are really good at pushing on-air to always be on brand, but can be rubbish at ensuring off-air does the same thing. Logos, websites, presenters, PR, marketing, often falls through the cracks.

How do you make sure your station is selling your message all of the time, both on and off the air.