Next Step for our Little Radio Project

I’ve just got back from the studio recording some links for Fun Kids, including the one that will ‘open’ the station at Midnight tonight as it moves, for a short time, to be broadcast nationwide on DAB Digital Radio through Digital One.

We bought Fun Kids off of Global Radio late last year, with an idea that owning a children’s radio station is not just a good thing, but something that will make some money and hopefully we can build into a children’s brand.

It’s very rewarding. And very bloody annoying. Mainly at the same time. It’s re-enforced a lot of my radio views and also opened my eyes to lots of things as well. What’s good about it, and it’s an old radio cliché, is that you can do things immediately. Also, it can be very creative. But you have to make the time to be creative. An old colleague used to block time in his diary for creative thinking. It sounds counter-intuitive but we all live such busy lives, it’s important to find a place create that ideas that make your radio station (or whatever project) special.

Fun’s a very small affair, everyone who works on it does it part-time. They all have other jobs. This has meant that we get a cross-section of people’s skills – a variety of skills we couldn’t afford if everyone was full time – plus everyone’s learning a lot of new skills too. I think it’s probably the main suggestion i’d give to anyone who has a small project that needs to be worked hard to be a success. Do whatever you can to bring in more people, skills and contacts. If you do it on your own, you’ll go mad and it won’t be nearly as good.

We’ve decided to go national for the Summer holidays firstly because we felt it’s something we could easily describe to the audience – it’s a Summer Holiday radio station! But also because it shows our intent. We’re a little station that’s determined to punch above its weight and to demonstrate to advertisers and listeners that they should spend some time with us. It also pushes us on, to be better, to work harder and make a better radio station.

I hope that you spend some time with us, but more importantly if you know people with kids under 10 and a digital radio – make sure they tune in!

3 thoughts on “Next Step for our Little Radio Project”

  1. Hi Matt,
    Fun Kids sound like a really interesting project.

    It’s essential to pencil creative time into your daily schedule and give equal status to it as you would to all your other tasks for the day. Whilst forcing creativity is difficult stocking your brain with nourishment that will inspire creativity isn’t. I have ‘brainfood’ sessions daily, consuming as much content as possible in the time allocated. Whilst I may not have any creative ideas during these forced moments my brain is readied for those random creative sparks that appear wherever and whenever they choose.

  2. We’re not paying £1m. As our bitrate is just 80kbits and we’re only on until October 4th. The actual amount is funded by ads and promotions, just like any other radio station. Keeping the operating staff costs low is important so that we can afford opportunities like this.

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