Radio Roundabout

Oooh, it’s be a busy radio morning, hasn’t it? We’ve got Mr Moyles celebrating becoming the longest serving Radio 1 Breakfast DJ and Sir Tel announcing (after a little Daily Mail intervention) that he’s abandoning his TOGs for a weekend show and letting that young whipper-snapper Chris Evans have another BBC breakfast show.

I don’t think there’s any particular surprise in the Radio 2 announcements – they’ve replaced a hugely successful presenter with the next most sucessful presenter on the network. Though, as Adam points out, there is a bit of a demographic issue.

What it doesn’t do is help the arguments about Radio 2 moving younger in the commercial heartland. However, and I think we all know this, they really couldn’t care less and so carry on regardless.

However, what I think this does do, is open up the opportunity to make a stab at turning drive into something a bit more public service-y. Already Drive with Chris has business and sports elements to make it more than pop and prattle, but with a likely move of Mayo to 2 from 5 there’s a real opportunity to make it even more striking.

Though his heritage proves that Simon can do mainsteam pop really well it would be great to see him bring things like his book reviews and more in-depth interviews (along with the Good Doctor) to a new drivetime show. Radio 2 already does this marvellously at lunchtime, it would be in keeping with Tim Davie’s recent announcement if they made their new drive show even more distinctive.