Remember to go to Radio at the Edge

The nature of my day job means that i’m quite often in the midst of radio politics, a decent chunk of which is to do with DAB. It can be quite tiring and it often distracts from the good things that flow out of it. Just with one of our DAB-related projects, Fun Kids – it’s lovely to see the volume of emails we get from listeners (and their Mums) and how closely they follow and support what we do.

But then, that’s the danger with the political side of things. I guess we get caught up in the metadata of radio without thinking much about the product that’s all related to.

Therefore it’s nice to do things that concentrate on the product, listeners and how to be better at things. That’s part of the reason i’m involved with the Radio Academy’s Radio at the Edge conference.

The event is on Monday 9th November and is just £199. I say ‘just’ because it’s probably the best value of any of the radio conferences that you’ll see advertised.

Anyway… we’ve worked really hard to cover the topics and bring people from the companies that are defining how listeners come into contact with ‘audio‘ in the digital space and we’ve tried to work on sessions that will help you generate £££s and cut your costs.

There’s sessions on mobile, programming radio stations, how to visualise what your station does and how music streaming services like Spotify are building a new audio model.

Plus Tony Blackburn will tell some jokes he’s told before, but also talk about how he, as a presenter, is using new technologies to benefit himself and/or the radio stations he works for. Maybe there’s an interesting question in that…

So, who should go? Well, I think anyone who works in radio should. It is inconceivable, that digital (whether that’s DAB, the internet or mobile) won’t affect the job you do and it might help you out if you’re the person in your building who actually knows something about it all.

And… if you’re trying to get into the industry (or move within it) meeting the other delegates who’s budgets are probably the only part of a radio station’s that are growing, might be a good idea too.
Hard sell over? Here’s a link to find out more.