Lies, Damned Lies and Streaming Statistics

That’s probably a bit of a harsh headline….

It was interesting to read John Plunkett’s Media Guardian article about Absolute Radio’s streaming hours. The basic gist is – Absolute now beats Radio 1 and Radio 2’s listening figures and doing this puts into question RAJAR’s numbers (John’s assertion rather than Clive at Absolute’s).

However, some things that weren’t really mentioned…

* Absolute’s numbers combine all of their radio stations (Absolute Radio, Xtreme and Classic Rock)
* Absolute’s streaming numbers are monthly (RAJAR measures weekly)
* Absolute’s streaming numbers are international (as I think the BBC’s are as well) – RAJAR meanwhile just measures UK.

So, in other words, we don’t know how each of the stations break down, how much is actually UK and what the actual weekly reach of the streams are.

The weekly – monthly thing is quite interesting as the latter picks up the lighter users who pop in now and again, but not every week. In RAJAR it generally increases reach by another 70%.

Now, overall it’s very good that Absolute produce some figures, it’s more than every other commercial radio station does, it would just be handy if we could all work out what they mean!

(Clive’s responded below in the comments)