Being Creative with Artists

I wrote a little post a while ago about the brilliant Improv Everywhere and how some of there ideas should inspire radio stations to do something different. Improv, by the way have just done a great Star Wars skit on the US equivalent on the Tube.

Anyway, today I saw a great clip on Funny or Die. They took the popstar Jewel to a karaoke bar to sing her songs and see if people recognised her. The clever thing, if you watch the clip below, is the planning/storylining of what would happen so as to make a great ‘bit’.

If you’re a radio station that has music and artists at its centre – are you doing things like this? Music is radio’s bread and butter and we have great access to artists – but do we do enough that’s not just an interview? I think a video like this would do a much better job of helping you to own core artists than some music demonstrators ever will.