Marketing Innovation

Market Innovation

One of the disappointing things about doing lots of digital things for radio stations, is that it rarely gets the marketing focus the other elements of a station does. A billboard for a new cash promotion – sure! Money to promote a new listener club? Not normally.

This is often a waste, as it means something’s had time or money spent on it, but it isn’t given the opportunity to shine and do its job. It’s nice to see Radio 1 making a noise about their specialist radio programming, but also linking the message with a recent technical innovation.

Tom tweeted me a screengrab from his phone today (above, left). It’s an SMS from o2 about Radio 1’s specialist shows with a link to R1’s brand new mobile site – something that’s optimised for smartphones (above, right).

It’s clever because o2 lets you SMS their iPhone users (and choose which demographics too) with targeted messages. The medium is perfect for this type of campaign – they’re reaching people who can use their smartphone service with (I imagine) a demographically targeted campaign and thus reducing the advertising wastage.

I’m sure some of you are thinking that this is only great if you have budget. However, a similar concept could be used from data that you yourself have collected from listeners. Stations often get mobile numbers in sign-ups, why not ask what type of phone listeners have? If you did you could SMS them with ads promoting an iPhone, Android or Blackberry app as well as re-enforcing another key station message.