Tweeknotes – 7th to 13th February

I love the idea of weeknotes, blog posts that talk about what you’ve been up to in the week. I’m never focused enough to write them though. As i’ve passed a twitter milestone – 5,000 tweets – I thought that using my tweets might mean a more interesting chronology of my week. Instead of ‘this is what i’ve been up working on’, it probably says ‘this is what i’ve been thinking about’ – which hopefully might be more interesting. Anyway, lets have a go.

Superbowl Sunday and there were loads of different adverts. I liked Chevrolet’s handiwork which combined their messaging with a mini-episode of Glee, seemingly made by (and with) the Glee people. It’s good promotion of the show and bright advertising. The American communications regulator, the FCC, also seemingly made a joke about the Superbowl the next day:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/FCC/status/34665577905659904″]

The sale of the Huffington Post produced a good tweet from Robert Peston:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Peston/status/34666638355734528″]

A couple of fun social media-y mash-ups. One from the Times that analyzes your tweets to see how wordy you are, and a LinkedIn mash-up that shows the popularity of your work colleagues. I also blogged on the need to market any innovations that you create.

A surprise from the BBC Trust this week as they (after a little lobbying by us) announced that the BBC Management should “speedily” negotiate with third parties to get their kids content on other stations. At Fun Kids, I was also impressed with the video content that our partnership with Filmclub is generating.

Moz at talkSPORT announced that Richard Keys and Andy Gray are moving to the station, prompting one Guardian commenter to suggest they’ve moved “From HD to AM in one fell swoop!”

Another blog post from me, this time a call for radio companies to publish App stats. So far only Absolute have indicated some agreement – silence from the rest, which I think is a shame.

Sam Bailey tweeted an old Radio 1 TV advert, which is seemingly the most complicated way, ever, to talk about a new schedule.

Jason Kottke posted a link to an interesting radio iPhone App that looks at your music library and tells you about new music you’d like, but don’t have. This is something that should really be in a radio app. It flagged up to me that we’re not really doing much that trades on our relationship with listeners to give them new content associated with what we do.

Then, after wondering what my 5,000 tweet should be, I promptly forgot and re-tweeted Brett Spencer promoting the fact that i’m on this week’s Radio Academy podcast. Self-promotion rather than meaningful content – maybe a perfect twitter analogy!