Tweeknotes – 28th February to 6th March

This week’s notes from my twitter…

James Cridland’s written about an odd thing that the BBC Trust have said. They remarked when approving more radio series-stacking that:

1. There is a “limited amount of on-demand content offered by commercial radio”

Really? Absoloute provide thousands of hours of material and most of the big groups all do listen again.

2. “There are no known commercial radio stations that create factual or drama productions”

Except of course, the ones that do. At Fun Kids we definitely do the first and with some of the readings, arguably the second too! A bit of a poor show by the Trust.

Angelique tweeted about Pitchify, which grabs top reviews from sites like Pitchfork and then checks to see if the music’s available on Spotify. It’s something that begins to help fix one of Spotify’s few downsides – how to navigate the vast amount of material in its collection.

The BBC, this week, announced some details about Radio 4 Extra (the re-branded BBC Radio 7). I was hoping there would be more integration and counter-scheduling, but perhaps we’ll see more of that as further information is released.

Australian radio boss Duncan Campbell pointed to a great piece on talent management, there’s lots of parallels with the radio business.

One of the things that the new app stores have allowed is self-publishing content. This article talks about one young indie publisher’s success with her ebooks.

I spent five minutes fixing my Radio-Job-O-Tron this week – it’s just a simple thing that pulls radio jobs from Media UK, BBC and the Guardian and them emails them out to anyone that wants it. You can subscribe using the box on the lower right hand side of the blog.

I really enjoyed 24 Hour Panel People. It was a Comic Relief challenge for David Walliams to take part in 24hours worth of TV panel shows. They broadcast it live on the internet, with highlights to follow on BBC Three. It was a fantasitc watch, showing up many of the techniques TV uses to ‘fix’ pre-records.

If you missed it on Saturday, I also posted a link to some great Moyles audio.