Tweeknotes – 14th March to 20th March

Some fun things that have popped up on Twitter this week:

  • A piece about Private Eye’s digital strategy
  • The BBC are doing a trial of RadioVIS for their radio services. We already provide these for our clients – it’s a great way to visualise a radio station and harmonise the pictures delivered to mobile, web as well as RadioDNS-enabled radios like the Pure Sensia. It’s great to see a big broadcaster supporting it.
  • Ford have been doing some research that’s led them to bring forward the date that they’re line-fitting digital radio in their cars. Their new announcement means that all of their new cars will have DAB as standard by the end of next year.
  • There’s some more new programmes planned for Radio 4 Extra.
  • A great viral video to promote new film Limitless. Here’s the resolution.
  • A nice write up in The Guardian about the Moyles record attempt.