Five Live’s ‘A Day In The Live’ Campaign

Five Live’s running a TV marketing campaign at the moment, but with a very different creative. They’ve been filming what’s been happening during the day in the studio and then turning that around into an ad for broadcast later that evening.

It’s a brilliant way to contextualise the station as one that covers what’s happening today. It’s also a great way to say “we’re not just a sports station”. Something I know that has always been an (incorrect) perception that many listeners have.

The other thing I like about it is people are dressed down and there’s a mix of serious and fun. Even though the ads are short it really communicates a down-to-earth personality, something i’m sure they were intending to do.

The fist clip below, shows them on Budget day, the second one a more general day at the station.

Graham on the Five Live blog talks more about the campaign.

3 thoughts on “Five Live’s ‘A Day In The Live’ Campaign”

  1. I must say that I agree with you and like them alot. Have you by chance seen the blog comments, people dont seem to be happy with them doing this and want justification for their purpose and cost…

  2. The odd thing about the comments on the Five Live blog is that all the people seem to have a deep-rooted hatred for their own favourite radio station.

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